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Physical address:
​10706 120St NW
Edmonton, ​Alberta
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About Circa Living

Welcome to Circa Living

For those who have not heard the term “circa”, it refers to the period in time in which an item was created. For example, an Art Deco item might be circa 1920 or 1930 or a Victorian piece might be circa 1860.

This store “Circa Living” came to me in a dream one night, a dream so real, I walked in the front door, turned on the lights, put on a great old song, and began to polish the silver. Nothing happened in the dream, but the sign above the door was “Circa 30” and everything was so tactile it felt like home. As we progressed to create this store, we dropped the “30” and added “living” to encompass more, much more… I wanted to bring to Edmonton the best of every decade, as there are GEMS from every period in time. I have never been afraid to mix old and new, or different genres, so it seemed natural to create a store where you can find special things from every decade, carefully curated to express YOUR personality.

Ali and I, friends for years but with different backgrounds and appreciations, have come together to create this store with a desire to be purveyors of beautiful things to appeal to many tastes and budgets.

It is our mission to find accessories both old and new which live together in harmony and create the finishing to every decor project.

We desire to curate furniture and lighting from every decade so unique you won’t see it in every store and are proud to share the story of its origins with your friends and family.

We hope you enjoy the scent of fresh flowers and greens bought by the stem or in bundles to your taste. There is nothing more essential than live elements to connect us to nature and convey a sense of calm and serenity in a space. Our candles will also calm the senses and infuse exotics scents into your home.

Please visit us often, as the space will change regularly, offering something “new” to see pretty much weekly!